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Posted on September 20, 2017

As summer winds down and fall air fills our early mornings and late evenings, I find myself more and more drawn to my sewing projects.  Does the change in weather have that affect on you as well?

I find the change in seasons always has me ready to begin crafting and sewing.  The problem with that is I tend to become a little "consumed" with my projects and spend every waking hour creating as many projects as possible. 

Recently, I came upon this adorable little panel at our Berlin location and knew it had to find its way onto my projects list.  The original panel came as a 23" wide by 42.5" tall panel.  But, given that I like to tear them apart and reconstruct them into something unique and new, that is exactly what I did!

I started by separating the panel into the large center block which was 22" wide by 16" tall.  I then separated all the outlying blocks into four large 10.5" squares.  Once I had everything separated, I sat down with my notepad and my imagination and began the process of designing my project.

Using fabrics that coordinated well with the colors within the original panel, I began constructing my project block by block.  Given that the print had a whimsical motif and the border outlines on the large blocks were not perfect squares, I kept my theme for the project a bit whimsy.

The project came together by using two 10.5" pinwheel blocks along with six 10.5" four-patch blocks, two sets of small 4" pinwheel blocks with a border between them, and two 9.5" wide by 4" tall five square patch rectangles to join the four 10.5" blocks that were part of the original panel. 

With the whimsy nature of the quilt, I offset the original panel blocks giving them a more staggered appearance rather than a structured even placement. I also cut my small pinwheels to have an uneven appearance as well.  Once all the blocks were laid out and pieced together, I added a 3.5" dark brown border and quilted the piece using the meander pattern.

The overall size of my completed project is 48.5" tall by 50.5" wide making it the perfect size for a wall hanging or a comfortable throw.

Do you enjoy creating with panels? We would love to see your creations using panels purchased at any Zinck's location!
If you would like to share your creation, please email me at

Be sure to include your name and which location you purchased your panel and materials from, along with a picture of your completed project!

The possibilities are endless... what will you create today?