Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Counts

We here at Zinck's Fabric Outlet take GREAT PRIDE in how we handle EVERY order that comes through!!!

Your fabrics will arrive at your doorstep neat and clean due to our shipping motto... CUT STRAIGHT, AIR TIGHT, SHIPPED RIGHT!

CUT STRAIGHT: Every piece of fabric is cut with care and will always be straight.

AIR TIGHT: All fabrics are properly packaged in order for dry, clean delivery.

SHIPPED RIGHT: 98% of all orders are processed within 2 business days.

What states do we ship to?

We ONLY ship to the 48 states in the contiguous United States.

What is your return policy?

Return Policy: Just like in our stores, we cannot offer returns on fabric orders. This is why we offer samples on almost every fabric in stock.

Are samples available?
We offer a 5” square sample for all fabrics except panels. There is a link to order a sample on every fabric page. We charge $1.75/Sample.

Can I get multiple cuts of the same fabric?
We only offer one cut of any fabric per order. If you want multiple cuts you'll need to make multiple orders.

Where does your fabric come from?
We buy our fabric from all over the world, sourcing from name brand designers and from manufacturer's overstock.

Is there a physical location that I can shop in person.
We have three different brick and mortar outlet stores that all have their own inventory of similar fabric that we offer here. Refer to the Outlet Store Locations Tab on the Homepage.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

What is your privacy policy?
You can find our privacy policy here.