Berlin, OH Location

"Love this store! Helpful people, unique items. never know what you will find."

Sarah Wood Sarah Wood

"I used to go to Zinc's when they were in the old house in down town Berlin. They always have good fabric at good prices."

Kathy Turner Kathy Turner

" I love this store!! They always have a wide range of fabrics at an excellent price. They also have "buy the bolt" special pricing as well as very friendly and helpful sales team. This place is definitely in my top 5 favorite places."

Tabi Barbu Tabi Barbu

Lancaster, PA Location

"I went to this outlet the other day and was pleasantly surprised. The selection was incredible prices were awesome and there was so much variety between fabric notions, thread, etc. I was happy that I made the trip to go and look forward to going back again. Thank You ladies for all the help and making our trip there be less stressful."

Carole Coffman Carole Coffman

"Kindness, no pressure, clean, attention to detail, no gimmicks, knowledgeable staff, roomy to browse, easy to locate and will return."

Sheila Turner Weaver Sheila Turner Weaver

"I LOVE THIS PLACE! On many occasions I've gone with only a few dollars in my pocket and left with a trunk full of fabric! It's amazing!"

Angela Mamie Balogh Angela Mamie Balogh

Ligonier, Indiana Location

"I love this store, what a great bargain, well worth the drive."

Theresa McIntosh Theresa McIntosh

"I love the customers! And the atmosphere."

Julia Anne Henry Julia Anne Henry

"Great store. Prices are really good. Lots of quilt fabrics and wide quilt backings too"

Kim Crothers Kim Crothers